At JKM Roofing The Approach is Different

We don't automatically tell you it's time for a new roof, there are often options

Immediate solutions are offered for immediate problems

Cost effective repairs coupled with proper maintenance can save you $$$ and extend the life expectancy of your roof

Repair expense can be minimized through early detection, correction and scheduled maintenance

Suggestions are offered to prolong the life of your roof

Annual maintenance cost can be predicted, allowing them to include them into your budget

Thorough roof analysis can determine the remaining life of your roof.  It often reveals a more efficient roofing system application, ultimately eliminating problems and saving you money

When you know the remaining life expectancy of your roof, you can adequately plan and budget for reroofing

Small repairs are eliminated before they escalate into major high cost problems

Potential week spots are recognized and modified before they become problem areas
What Sets JKM Apart From the Competition?

High-tech infrared scanners detect hidden moisture and identify problem areas

Weather satellite in-house forecasts inclement weather approaching so you will always be protected during roofing projects

Trained and skilled labor force with specialists in Built-up, Modified, EPDM, Singly-ply, Tile, Slate and Shingles

The unique philosophy to extend the life of your roof

As your partner, JKM Roofing will be here for you long after installation of your new roof to repair it, to maintain it and achieve its optimum life

Full time safety director

Estimating staff and roofers are continuously trained through seminars to keep informed of latest and best in technology and application techniques